Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 S/S Brown and Burgundy

Excellent new lightweight cloths perfect for Spring/Summer and overall all year use.  These fabrics will be re-stockable for the near future, but will not be permanent additions so any interest in these I recommend "sooner than later" to place an order.

These 100% wools are from New Zealand, all have excellent hand and drape to them.

Off the beaten path colors for those looking for something different to expand his wardrobe.

79000-21 Teak Brown.  Really nice shade of brown, not too "red", has a nice vintage vibe to the color.  This is the brown color I would want to wear if I were looking for a brown suit!

79115-7 Burgundy.  For the truly rakish dresser, great shade of burgundy to really turn heads.  Faint of heart need not apply! This fabric is woven like a tonic/sharkskin with 2 different color threads to make the burgundy color.  Has a slight sheen, but it is not what I would classify as shiny.  Excellent shade for burgundy, it has more "blue" in it so it does not come off like a red suit.  A fantastic color when worn with a cordovan #8 shoe!  Probably my favorite new cloth of this series~!

New 2014 S/S Grey

Excellent new lightweight cloths perfect for Spring/Summer and overall all year use.  These fabrics will be re-stockable for the near future, but will not be permanent additions so any interest in these I recommend "sooner than later" to place an order.

These 100% wools are from New Zealand, all have excellent hand and drape to them.

18308-2 Med Grey Houndstooth.  Very nice small scale houndstooth pattern in a med grey shade.  The tooth pattern is very small (about 1/16" wide on each "tooth") so it appears solid grey from a short distance but up close you can definitely see the pattern.  Stylish and subtle.

79115-2 Light Grey.  Woven in a similar style to sharkskin (2 different color threads make 1 color) but this is NOT a shiny cloth.  It has a slight sheen but I would not say it has any shine to it.  Great shade of light grey, it has a sophisticated look that easily stands out against other light greys.

180100-4 Med Grey. Classic Medium grey color.  As per all other cloths in this series, very nice hand and a sophisticated look to the cloth.  Lately there has been a bigger push toward medium grey over charcoal, and this one will definitely fit the bill.

79000-06 Dark Grey.  A true dark grey cloth, can be called a classic charcoal grey.  Perfect for those who want a dark grey suit but not as dark as the "Dark Charcoal" in this same series.  Great choice for a first "interview" suit.  Easy to dress down as well.

79115-12 Dark Charcoal.  For those who want a more formal looking cloth that is very dark, yet not black, this is perfect.  Very dark charcoal, could pass for black, but next to black it is definitely a very dark grey.  Excellent for an all purpose conservative "first suit" where something close to black is desired.

New 2014 S/S Navy

Excellent new lightweight cloths perfect for Spring/Summer and overall all year use.  These fabrics will be re-stockable for the near future, but will not be permanent additions so any interest in these I recommend "sooner than later" to place an order.

These 100% wools are from New Zealand, all have excellent hand and drape to them.

The thread gauge is Super150 for these.

SOLD OUT 79115-10 Classic Dark Navy.  This is an excellent choice for any work/interview suit for those that want a classic navy in a darker shade, not as "blue", therefore imo works very nicely as a social wear suit as well

SOLD OUT 180100-6 Classic Blue Navy.  Compared to the "Classic Dark Navy" this color has more magenta in it making it appear bluer/purple-ish.  (NOT that it is purple!!)  This is what many would see in their head as a classic navy suit color

18306-5 Midnight Navy.  Very dark navy color, could almost pass for black or a dark charcoal.  But it is a navy so has a clearly visible blue-ish tint when next to actual black.

79115-9 Airforce Blue.   Fantastic unique shade!  Similar in color and shade to the VBC 124, but this fabric is more "blue" whereas the VBC 124 was an even mix of grey/blue.  Perfectly suited to most work environments, and definitely a head turner as a social event suit cloth.  Easily one of my favorites in the new batch of fabrics.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 New Tweed

New tweeds for Fall/Winter 2013 after some delay have finally arrived.

-Burgundy.  Very nice burgundy/black mix producing a nice rich wine color.  Fantastic color for a sport jacket for those who want something different with panache.

-Blue Grey.  Birdseye pattern tweed in a color similar to petrol blue.  It's grey, but with a very distinct blue caste to it.  Great color that is not your typical grey (nor blue)

-Light Warm Grey.  Another good option for separates, this warm grey (as opposed to a cool grey which is bluer) in a lighter shade will make a great jacket or trouser.

-Dk Grey.  This color is very unique and hard to properly capture,  The overall effect is a dark grey, but it is made from a mix of grey, greens and even some kind of purplish burgundy, without any of those colors being clearly evident.  Very complex mix of colors to produce a dark grey, but with a slight green tint to it. 

As with most of our fabrics, these are not super heavy tweeds.  About a 14oz weight and very wearable 3 seasons of the year.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RESTOCKED! Blue-Grey Sharkskin

This cloth has been sold out for a couple years and hasn't been restockable, until now.  It is currently restocked, hard to say if it will remain re-orderable, so if this cloth interested you in the past, now would be a good time to jump on it while I still have some!  Here's a reminder of what it looks like, on a finished garment. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New 2013 shipping rate for Overseas effective immediately

Due to the massive price increase by the US Postal System on international shipments, any orders that are non-USA or Canada will have a $50 shipping surcharge (was previously $35) on top of the cost of the garment.  This is shipment via EMS which is a 3-5 day delivery with tracking.  More than 1 garment I will provide you a shipping price depending on how many garments are being shipped.

Orders to Canada will still remain at $35 for EMS shipping.

Please do not ask to mail regular airmail, as I will only mail EMS overseas, due to an increase in packages not reaching their destinations (not mine, but others I know who do a lot of overseas shipping without EMS have been having a lot of problems with lost mail)

Thanks for your understanding in the matter

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall 2012 Worsted Wools Part II

New worsted wools for Fall 2012!!  These are super 130 grade wools in a year round weight of about 9oz.  All cloths Italian made.

Med Grey:  as medium grey is a very popular color option, I am happy to add another one to compliment the palette.  This fabric is great for an all purpose suit, it is a very versatile shade, that is easy to dress up/down as needed.  The cloth has a twill weave, so there is a prominent visual texture created by the weave pattern.

Grey Windowcheck:  Anytime I have offered a cloth like this it sells out fast!!  The colorway is a med grey but on a slightly darker end of the "medium" spectrum, but definitely NOT a dark grey.  It has a complex windowcheck pattern.  There are actually 2 overchecks, one in a light blue and one in a lighter grey.  The combination of the 2 overchecks creates about a 1" x 1.25" size "window".  Definitely not a loud pattern, but has a lot of character to it.

Charcoal Birdseye:  As charcoal is still the best selling color, here is another option in a fantastic birdseye pattern.  Great visual texture, slightly larger "dot" than what I would consider to be a "nailhead".  The shade of grey is actually quite unique, it's dark grey but on the warm grey side (as opposed to a cool grey) of the grey spectrum

Navy Windowcheck:  A fantastic cloth for those looking for navy with personality.  The windowcheck is VERY subtle, to the point where I would call this cloth a solid.  The check is in a lighter shade of blue, about 1 shade off from the base color, so it is very un-noticeable unless you look up close.  A nice shade of blue as well.

Navy Birdseye:  I think this navy fabric will be a bestseller.  GREAT shade of navy in a more "blue" color.  Def not a dark "work-suit" navy color.  Same birdseye pattern as the charcoal listed above. This will definitely sell fast and is one of my favorite navy colors I have offered.  A great economic alternative to the VBC 127.

All cloths are $500 shipped conus with the usual disclaimer on shipping out of country etc.  These cloths, at the moment, seem to be restockable but I would definitely order sooner than later if you want to be sure to get something you have your mind set on.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

2012 Fall Worsteds Part I

Finally after many requests for a worsted grey herringbone suit cloth, we are happy to say we've found a good one, very soft finish and great hand.  Fabric is a super 130 fibre and is a perfect shade of medium grey with subtle herringbone pattern.  Probably the best herringbone suit cloth offered so far!   Also in our first batch of new cloths, a Navy Prince of Wales.  Same hand and finish as the herringbone, this cloth is a great option for those looking for a navy suit with personality, with a classic Prince of Wales pattern including a burgundy overcheck.  A great subtle pattern that will function well as both a social suit or a work environment suit.  There will be a few more additions to worsted wools upcoming in the next week or so, so stay tuned!

Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Tweeds

New fabrics finally arriving after being lost in customs for longer than expected....The first 2 are grey tweeds, both nice heavier weight for winter, would make great jackets.  The salt/pepper has an "oatmeal" texture of alternating black and white specks to create a richly textured medium grey shade tweed.  The herringbone is a classic dark grey/charcoal shade that would make for a good cloth to wear as a full suit or of course, as separates.  More cloths will arrive over the next week and half, including new worsted wools for suits!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NEW VbC blue navy!

As I've been getting a lot of request for a "blue" navy, I managed to get this cloth from Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC), which is indeed a "blue" looking navy, even moreso than the #127 which was the previous "blue-est" navy I had.  This cloth is coded as VBC 130, so if interested please refer to that as its name.

And the other VBCs (124, 125, 127, 121, 122) are also all restocked and available as well!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Houndstooth Tweed Part 3

From the same series as the houndstooth tweeds posted below in "Part 2", these 3 are all earthtone cloths in a houndstooth pattern with an overcheck type of pattern on top.  Not a true overcheck but the interplay of color between the tooth pattern gives it that effect.   Definitely recommended for separates rather than a full suit unless you have some moxie!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Another hugely popular series, the Vitale Barberis Canonico cloth are all now restocked, including all of the popular navy colors.

These fabrics are from renowned Italian mill Vitale Barberis Canonico, a super 170 wool/silk blend in lightweight approx 9oz.  These are a great choice when you want something a little extra nice for yourself, and as usual I recommend these cloths for non-first time buyers who have already dialed in a good fit (but obviously there's no problem with these as a first time suit).  All of these cloths are available in very limited quantities.

127 True Navy....a very regal shade of Navy, has distinct blue tones and maybe one of the best navy colors I have offered

125 Dark Navy...a more traditional dark navy, perfect for suits intended to be worn in a conservative work environment

124 Cool Medium Grey...this color is similar to Petrol Blue, but is more of a medium shade grey.  Because the grey is a "cool" grey (as opposed to a warm grey), it has a slight blue cast to it.  A great grey color for those who felt the Petrol Blue sharkskin was a bit too blue.

122 Warm Medium Grey...a true medium grey.  The surface texture weave is a very fine nailhead/pindot pattern.

121 Light Grey...a true light grey.  Also has the visible fine nailhead/pindot pattern to the cloth weave.  A great shade if you are looking for a light grey that is not too far from medium.  I wouldn't classify this color as being a pale grey however.

RESTOCKED: Sharkskins!

After a few false starts on availability of these sharkskins which were very popular, I am glad to announce they are finally restocked!  So for all of you who've been asking for the Petrol Blue and the Blue-Grey Sharkskin cloths, they are now available.  This is the swatch from the previous stock I used, the color should not be much different in this new batch, but if they are I will edit the swatches to reflect the change in color, but for now here is what they looked like.  And the lookbook has full worn suit samples of each of these cloths to get an idea of how they look as a full garment

These are English made, super 120s "vintage" sharkskin.  I describe them as vintage since they are more like an early 1960s sharkskin, rather than the highly metallic sharkskin that is more commonly thought of when one uses that term.  Think of "Rat Pack" era American suits, where the cloth has a bit of a sheen due to its 2 thread color weave.  These cloths are a wool/silk blend and have more surface sheen than the cloths I've normally offered.  Despite the sharkskin nomenclature, these choices will still be completely appropriate for those wishing to wear it to work or for interviews as they are NOT metallic and will not have the high reflective property.  Their sheen is subtle and gives the suit a more sophisticated appearance. Prices on the sharkskin are just slightly higher due to the fabric cost, but not much more than the normal cloth selection I offer.  Available in a limited amount and restockability is always uncertain.

-Petrol Blue.   A great greyish blue color for those looking for a different shade of blue and don't want to go traditional navy.  

-Blue-Grey.  A really awesome shade of light grey with a very distinct blue tint to it.  It's hard to say if the color is a greyish blue or a blue-ish grey.  I think half the people who are asked will think it's more grey, the other half will think it's more powder blue.  An amazing shade, and has that vintage early 60s feel that we love at Thick as Thieves.  A great alternative for those looking for a light grey shade suit.

-Medium Grey.  Very nice warm toned medium grey, leaning towards lighter grey.  This is a classic grey color for those who are looking for that perfect lighter-shade. This is a very versatile color as it can be worn with any colors and look appropriate.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Fall Tweeds Part 1

Limited quantity tweeds, once these are gone I don't think I will be able to get more.

-Tweed #5.....a great windowcheck pattern in a complex weave.  Lots of interesting visual texture in a "cool grey" medium shade.  Little bits of blue and orange in the check make this a very interesting cloth and it's guaranteed to sell quickly if the past is any indication as windowcheck plaids tend to go quickly!

-Tweed #7....basically the same pattern as Tweed #5, except the overall shade is a WARM grey, rather than the cool grey of #5.  This color would pair very nicely with dark brown shoes.

These tweeds are only in small amounts, and once they are gone that will probably be it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Navy and Charcoal "Vintage" Sharkskin

From the same series as the Med Grey, Blue-Grey, and Petrol Blue sharkskin cloths added last month, these are the (finally arrived) Navy and Charcoal colorways of the same cloth.  Again, not a reflective/metallic sharkskin, but a very nicely draping cloth with a subtle sheen.  Very much appropriate for most work/business environments.  The navy is a very classic shade, not too blue not too dark/grey...just the right shade for those desiring a classic navy suiting.  The charcoal is on the lighter side of what I would consider charcoal, it's a great dark grey and is perfect for the guys looking at a first suit or if they just plan on having one "versatile/all purpose" suit.  This cloth will transition very easily from being a conservative work suit to a night on the town party suit just by changing your shirt and shoes.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 - Nailheads

8oz lightweight fabrics with a classic nailhead/birdseye pattern in the weave.  These fabrics make great workhorse all season suits.

Available in Charcoal, Medium Grey, Navy, and Brown (a very nice shade with a grey caste, not "chocolate" at all, one of the best brown shades I've seen so far)

Super 120, Made in England.

Spring/Summer 2010 - Kid Mohair

8oz lightweight fabric in Kid Mohair/Wool blend.  These fabrics have a very slight sheen to the finish, not too much like sharkskin, but not as matte as normal worsted wool.  The navy and black colors have a very smooth weave with no visual surface texture.  The 3 greys have more visual surface texture, making then look like they have less sheen then the navy and black versions.  A good fabric choice for all season work environment suits.

Super 120, Made in Italy.

Available in Navy, Black, Dark Grey, Med Grey and Light Grey

Spring/Summer 2010 - Pinstripes

First time pinstripes have been on official offer.  8oz lightweight wool, made in Italy.  These are not typical banker pinstripes and make a great alternative to solid suits without looking too "finance worker".

Each fabric has stripes spaced just over .5" from each other.  Click on the fabric image to see description of the pinstripe color.

Super 120, Made in Italy.

Spring/Summer 2010 - New Windowchecks

8oz lightweight Super 150 wool/cashmere mix, made in Italy. 

These are 3 shades of the same type of windowcheck pattern.  It is a mix of Houndstooth pattern and a 2 color window overcheck.  Very snazzy and would make great separates, or a full suit for the bold and worthy!

-Navy shade has a burgundy and light blue overcheck on top of a blue/navy houndstooth base pattern

-Brown shade has a blue and tan overcheck on top of a brown/tan houndstooth base pattern

-Grey shade has a blue and tan overcheck on top of a blac/grey houndstooth base pattern

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Lightweight wools for Spring/Summer update

I was hoping to have the new fabrics available before month's end but the fabric supplier won't have the samples until end of March, so it will be hopefully 1st week of April when new fabrics are available.  Most notably, this batch should include some lightweight 8/9oz navy and some new greys for cooler wearing during warm months.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

2008 Lightweight Flannels Part 2

These 2 new colors are from the same series posted just below. Year round weight flannel with a soft finish, thinner than most flannels. The burgundy is a nice deep color that would make for a great fall jacket or trouser, and for those looking for something different a full suit would be quite nice in this color. The khaki is a classic tan/khaki color for someone that wants a bit of spring color in their fall wardrobe.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

2008 window check: Grey and Navy

This fabric is a super 110, English made, wool-cashmere mix. Both fabrics have the same red and blue subtle window check pattern. The navy is a great shade of solid dark navy and the grey is a very nice dark grey. Both colors are unique in that, although solid, the weave is in a glen plaid pattern so if you look at the material closely (esp the grey as it's more visible on the grey color) you will see a very subtle glen plaid pattern making up the solid color base. The red and blue windowcheck is quite subtle, but not so much so that you can't see it. A very unique fabric available in a very limited amount. Two quick photos of my own suit in the navy window check are shown here to get a rough idea of how it looks on a suit. Better photos will come in the Lookbook in the near future, before August is finished. (the flash washes out the richness of the navy base color)

For reference this fabric is called Navy windowcheck or Grey windowcheck.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

2008 Solids

I really like these year round worsted wools. Super 120, Made in England fabric in a wool/cashmere blend. Very nice hand and drape to these materials, great options for the traditional suit that needs to be worn in a work environment.

-Med Grey: A nice shade of medium grey for the conservative work enviro.
-Black: Not usually the preferred color for work, but if you need a black suit, this fabric will meet your needs
-Navy #C: A more "blue" navy, this is what you think of for a navy suit to wear to work.
-Dark Navy #H: A darker shade of navy, not quite midnite but close. For those who like a darker shade of navy blue to transition from work to after hours playtime.

Lightweight Flannels

New flannel fabrics, in my opinion the nicest flannels I've offered. Super 120 Made in England. The fabric is lighter than traditional flannel, makes for a good year round suit. The material has the soft flannel finish but feels like it's worsted. Great choices for someone going more traditional yet can be worn in warmer days a bit easier than typical flannel.

-Light Grey: Nice surface texture that is more evident due to the lightness of the color
-Med/Dark Grey: Not a dark charcoal, but on the darker side of medium. This would make the classic "grey flannel suit" that never goes out of style.
-Navy: For those looking for a navy suit that is more "blue", this is the perfect choice. A good solid dark navy but it still has much blue showing thru, so less midnite than previous navy fabrics I have had.
-Black: Due to more request for black fabric, here is another option for someone that wants a deep solid black. Very matte finish so it makes the black look deeper and less "burnt"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2008 Prince of Wales

These new Prince of Wales fabrics are from the same English mill as the herringbones, resulting in a nice year round weight fabric with a good hand and finish.

Light-Med GreyPoW #52: A good lighter Medium grey shade fabric with blue overcheck

Dark-Med Grey PoW #53: This is a good option for a true "medium" grey PoW plaid with blue overcheck

Dark Charcoal PoW #54: This fabric is a great alternative to a solid charcoal as the plaid pattern is so subtle that it appears more like a texture in weave rather than a plaid pattern. For all intent and purpose will function and appear like a solid charcoal, but you will see the plaid pattern up very close, creating a nice visual texture.

Taupe Grey PoW #65: This is a really unique shade of grey. It has the slightest taupe brown tint to it, resulting in a fabric that sits on the brown end of the color spectrum and would make for a great choice if you want to add a brown toned suit in your wardrobe. This also has a very pale blue overcheck.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Summer Fabrics

Here are a few great options for Spring/Summer. These are English made lightweight wool fabrics, aprox 8/9oz. Very nice finish, soft hand, available in three colors. A pale light grey, a classic tan, and a darker British khaki.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008 Italian Super 140

Italian super140 wool fabrics in a year round (approx) 10oz weight. Very fine with a soft finish, these are some of the most luxe feeling fabrics we've offered. Each fabric is only available in very limited quantity and once they are out, they will not return. Here is a detailed description of each:

-Navy #12: Probably the best navy I've offered so far. Really nice dark shade with a subtle pinpoint pattern texture. Very soft and drapey material. Suitable for office or rock n roll.

-Charcoal #9: Similar to the navy #12 but charcoal grey. A nice midtone charcoal, not too dark not too light. A great option for an "upgraded" charcoal.

-Charcoal Herringbone #10: Very subtle herringbone pattern in a charcoal colorway. Each side of the herringbone approx 1/8" wide so very narrow bone pattern.

-Black Herringbone #7: A fantastic alternative for a black fabric. Same herringbone texture pattern as Charcoal #10. If you want a black suit, this is the fabric to make it in.

-Brown Windowpane #6: Really rich brown tone with burnt orange windowpane check. Each windowpane square approx 1.5"w x 1.75"h. Great pattern and color.

-Textured Brown #5: Probably the best solid brown I offer. Very nice mottled brown texture with a soft finish and great drape. The tone is exactly what a brown suit should be, not chocolatey and plenty of visual texture to make it interesting.

-Multi-color Pinstripe #2: A dark-med grey base with alternating pinstripes a light blueish grey and burnt orange. Sort of like something Etro would use, yet subtle enough to be worn in an office setting if desired.

-Brown Prince of Wales #18: All previous PoW offerings have been in shades of grey. This one is a brown toned PoW with burnt orange overcheck. The plaid patterning is very subtle and small scale. From a short distance it appears like a brown windowcheck suit. Up close the fabric is phenomenal, lots of interesting things going on and the brown/orange colorway is amazing.