Sunday, March 30, 2014

New 2014 S/S Grey

Excellent new lightweight cloths perfect for Spring/Summer and overall all year use.  These fabrics will be re-stockable for the near future, but will not be permanent additions so any interest in these I recommend "sooner than later" to place an order.

These 100% wools are from New Zealand, all have excellent hand and drape to them.

18308-2 Med Grey Houndstooth.  Very nice small scale houndstooth pattern in a med grey shade.  The tooth pattern is very small (about 1/16" wide on each "tooth") so it appears solid grey from a short distance but up close you can definitely see the pattern.  Stylish and subtle.

79115-2 Light Grey.  Woven in a similar style to sharkskin (2 different color threads make 1 color) but this is NOT a shiny cloth.  It has a slight sheen but I would not say it has any shine to it.  Great shade of light grey, it has a sophisticated look that easily stands out against other light greys.

180100-4 Med Grey. Classic Medium grey color.  As per all other cloths in this series, very nice hand and a sophisticated look to the cloth.  Lately there has been a bigger push toward medium grey over charcoal, and this one will definitely fit the bill.

79000-06 Dark Grey.  A true dark grey cloth, can be called a classic charcoal grey.  Perfect for those who want a dark grey suit but not as dark as the "Dark Charcoal" in this same series.  Great choice for a first "interview" suit.  Easy to dress down as well.

79115-12 Dark Charcoal.  For those who want a more formal looking cloth that is very dark, yet not black, this is perfect.  Very dark charcoal, could pass for black, but next to black it is definitely a very dark grey.  Excellent for an all purpose conservative "first suit" where something close to black is desired.