Thursday, January 31, 2013

New 2013 shipping rate for Overseas effective immediately

Due to the massive price increase by the US Postal System on international shipments, any orders that are non-USA or Canada will have a $50 shipping surcharge (was previously $35) on top of the cost of the garment.  This is shipment via EMS which is a 3-5 day delivery with tracking.  More than 1 garment I will provide you a shipping price depending on how many garments are being shipped.

Orders to Canada will still remain at $35 for EMS shipping.

Please do not ask to mail regular airmail, as I will only mail EMS overseas, due to an increase in packages not reaching their destinations (not mine, but others I know who do a lot of overseas shipping without EMS have been having a lot of problems with lost mail)

Thanks for your understanding in the matter

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