Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 S/S Brown and Burgundy

Excellent new lightweight cloths perfect for Spring/Summer and overall all year use.  These fabrics will be re-stockable for the near future, but will not be permanent additions so any interest in these I recommend "sooner than later" to place an order.

These 100% wools are from New Zealand, all have excellent hand and drape to them.

Off the beaten path colors for those looking for something different to expand his wardrobe.

79000-21 Teak Brown.  Really nice shade of brown, not too "red", has a nice vintage vibe to the color.  This is the brown color I would want to wear if I were looking for a brown suit!

79115-7 Burgundy.  For the truly rakish dresser, great shade of burgundy to really turn heads.  Faint of heart need not apply! This fabric is woven like a tonic/sharkskin with 2 different color threads to make the burgundy color.  Has a slight sheen, but it is not what I would classify as shiny.  Excellent shade for burgundy, it has more "blue" in it so it does not come off like a red suit.  A fantastic color when worn with a cordovan #8 shoe!  Probably my favorite new cloth of this series~!