Monday, November 8, 2010

Navy and Charcoal "Vintage" Sharkskin

From the same series as the Med Grey, Blue-Grey, and Petrol Blue sharkskin cloths added last month, these are the (finally arrived) Navy and Charcoal colorways of the same cloth.  Again, not a reflective/metallic sharkskin, but a very nicely draping cloth with a subtle sheen.  Very much appropriate for most work/business environments.  The navy is a very classic shade, not too blue not too dark/grey...just the right shade for those desiring a classic navy suiting.  The charcoal is on the lighter side of what I would consider charcoal, it's a great dark grey and is perfect for the guys looking at a first suit or if they just plan on having one "versatile/all purpose" suit.  This cloth will transition very easily from being a conservative work suit to a night on the town party suit just by changing your shirt and shoes.