Sunday, October 23, 2011


Another hugely popular series, the Vitale Barberis Canonico cloth are all now restocked, including all of the popular navy colors.

These fabrics are from renowned Italian mill Vitale Barberis Canonico, a super 170 wool/silk blend in lightweight approx 9oz.  These are a great choice when you want something a little extra nice for yourself, and as usual I recommend these cloths for non-first time buyers who have already dialed in a good fit (but obviously there's no problem with these as a first time suit).  All of these cloths are available in very limited quantities.

127 True Navy....a very regal shade of Navy, has distinct blue tones and maybe one of the best navy colors I have offered

125 Dark Navy...a more traditional dark navy, perfect for suits intended to be worn in a conservative work environment

124 Cool Medium Grey...this color is similar to Petrol Blue, but is more of a medium shade grey.  Because the grey is a "cool" grey (as opposed to a warm grey), it has a slight blue cast to it.  A great grey color for those who felt the Petrol Blue sharkskin was a bit too blue.

122 Warm Medium Grey...a true medium grey.  The surface texture weave is a very fine nailhead/pindot pattern.

121 Light Grey...a true light grey.  Also has the visible fine nailhead/pindot pattern to the cloth weave.  A great shade if you are looking for a light grey that is not too far from medium.  I wouldn't classify this color as being a pale grey however.

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