Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lightweight Flannels

New flannel fabrics, in my opinion the nicest flannels I've offered. Super 120 Made in England. The fabric is lighter than traditional flannel, makes for a good year round suit. The material has the soft flannel finish but feels like it's worsted. Great choices for someone going more traditional yet can be worn in warmer days a bit easier than typical flannel.

-Light Grey: Nice surface texture that is more evident due to the lightness of the color
-Med/Dark Grey: Not a dark charcoal, but on the darker side of medium. This would make the classic "grey flannel suit" that never goes out of style.
-Navy: For those looking for a navy suit that is more "blue", this is the perfect choice. A good solid dark navy but it still has much blue showing thru, so less midnite than previous navy fabrics I have had.
-Black: Due to more request for black fabric, here is another option for someone that wants a deep solid black. Very matte finish so it makes the black look deeper and less "burnt"

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