Sunday, September 6, 2009

2008 Lightweight Flannels Part 2

These 2 new colors are from the same series posted just below. Year round weight flannel with a soft finish, thinner than most flannels. The burgundy is a nice deep color that would make for a great fall jacket or trouser, and for those looking for something different a full suit would be quite nice in this color. The khaki is a classic tan/khaki color for someone that wants a bit of spring color in their fall wardrobe.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

2008 window check: Grey and Navy

This fabric is a super 110, English made, wool-cashmere mix. Both fabrics have the same red and blue subtle window check pattern. The navy is a great shade of solid dark navy and the grey is a very nice dark grey. Both colors are unique in that, although solid, the weave is in a glen plaid pattern so if you look at the material closely (esp the grey as it's more visible on the grey color) you will see a very subtle glen plaid pattern making up the solid color base. The red and blue windowcheck is quite subtle, but not so much so that you can't see it. A very unique fabric available in a very limited amount. Two quick photos of my own suit in the navy window check are shown here to get a rough idea of how it looks on a suit. Better photos will come in the Lookbook in the near future, before August is finished. (the flash washes out the richness of the navy base color)

For reference this fabric is called Navy windowcheck or Grey windowcheck.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

2008 Solids

I really like these year round worsted wools. Super 120, Made in England fabric in a wool/cashmere blend. Very nice hand and drape to these materials, great options for the traditional suit that needs to be worn in a work environment.

-Med Grey: A nice shade of medium grey for the conservative work enviro.
-Black: Not usually the preferred color for work, but if you need a black suit, this fabric will meet your needs
-Navy #C: A more "blue" navy, this is what you think of for a navy suit to wear to work.
-Dark Navy #H: A darker shade of navy, not quite midnite but close. For those who like a darker shade of navy blue to transition from work to after hours playtime.

Lightweight Flannels

New flannel fabrics, in my opinion the nicest flannels I've offered. Super 120 Made in England. The fabric is lighter than traditional flannel, makes for a good year round suit. The material has the soft flannel finish but feels like it's worsted. Great choices for someone going more traditional yet can be worn in warmer days a bit easier than typical flannel.

-Light Grey: Nice surface texture that is more evident due to the lightness of the color
-Med/Dark Grey: Not a dark charcoal, but on the darker side of medium. This would make the classic "grey flannel suit" that never goes out of style.
-Navy: For those looking for a navy suit that is more "blue", this is the perfect choice. A good solid dark navy but it still has much blue showing thru, so less midnite than previous navy fabrics I have had.
-Black: Due to more request for black fabric, here is another option for someone that wants a deep solid black. Very matte finish so it makes the black look deeper and less "burnt"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2008 Prince of Wales

These new Prince of Wales fabrics are from the same English mill as the herringbones, resulting in a nice year round weight fabric with a good hand and finish.

Light-Med GreyPoW #52: A good lighter Medium grey shade fabric with blue overcheck

Dark-Med Grey PoW #53: This is a good option for a true "medium" grey PoW plaid with blue overcheck

Dark Charcoal PoW #54: This fabric is a great alternative to a solid charcoal as the plaid pattern is so subtle that it appears more like a texture in weave rather than a plaid pattern. For all intent and purpose will function and appear like a solid charcoal, but you will see the plaid pattern up very close, creating a nice visual texture.

Taupe Grey PoW #65: This is a really unique shade of grey. It has the slightest taupe brown tint to it, resulting in a fabric that sits on the brown end of the color spectrum and would make for a great choice if you want to add a brown toned suit in your wardrobe. This also has a very pale blue overcheck.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Summer Fabrics

Here are a few great options for Spring/Summer. These are English made lightweight wool fabrics, aprox 8/9oz. Very nice finish, soft hand, available in three colors. A pale light grey, a classic tan, and a darker British khaki.