Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 New Tweed

New tweeds for Fall/Winter 2013 after some delay have finally arrived.

-Burgundy.  Very nice burgundy/black mix producing a nice rich wine color.  Fantastic color for a sport jacket for those who want something different with panache.

-Blue Grey.  Birdseye pattern tweed in a color similar to petrol blue.  It's grey, but with a very distinct blue caste to it.  Great color that is not your typical grey (nor blue)

-Light Warm Grey.  Another good option for separates, this warm grey (as opposed to a cool grey which is bluer) in a lighter shade will make a great jacket or trouser.

-Dk Grey.  This color is very unique and hard to properly capture,  The overall effect is a dark grey, but it is made from a mix of grey, greens and even some kind of purplish burgundy, without any of those colors being clearly evident.  Very complex mix of colors to produce a dark grey, but with a slight green tint to it. 

As with most of our fabrics, these are not super heavy tweeds.  About a 14oz weight and very wearable 3 seasons of the year.