Sunday, March 30, 2014

New 2014 S/S Navy

Excellent new lightweight cloths perfect for Spring/Summer and overall all year use.  These fabrics will be re-stockable for the near future, but will not be permanent additions so any interest in these I recommend "sooner than later" to place an order.

These 100% wools are from New Zealand, all have excellent hand and drape to them.

The thread gauge is Super150 for these.

SOLD OUT 79115-10 Classic Dark Navy.  This is an excellent choice for any work/interview suit for those that want a classic navy in a darker shade, not as "blue", therefore imo works very nicely as a social wear suit as well

SOLD OUT 180100-6 Classic Blue Navy.  Compared to the "Classic Dark Navy" this color has more magenta in it making it appear bluer/purple-ish.  (NOT that it is purple!!)  This is what many would see in their head as a classic navy suit color

18306-5 Midnight Navy.  Very dark navy color, could almost pass for black or a dark charcoal.  But it is a navy so has a clearly visible blue-ish tint when next to actual black.

79115-9 Airforce Blue.   Fantastic unique shade!  Similar in color and shade to the VBC 124, but this fabric is more "blue" whereas the VBC 124 was an even mix of grey/blue.  Perfectly suited to most work environments, and definitely a head turner as a social event suit cloth.  Easily one of my favorites in the new batch of fabrics.