Sunday, October 23, 2011

RESTOCKED: Sharkskins!

After a few false starts on availability of these sharkskins which were very popular, I am glad to announce they are finally restocked!  So for all of you who've been asking for the Petrol Blue and the Blue-Grey Sharkskin cloths, they are now available.  This is the swatch from the previous stock I used, the color should not be much different in this new batch, but if they are I will edit the swatches to reflect the change in color, but for now here is what they looked like.  And the lookbook has full worn suit samples of each of these cloths to get an idea of how they look as a full garment

These are English made, super 120s "vintage" sharkskin.  I describe them as vintage since they are more like an early 1960s sharkskin, rather than the highly metallic sharkskin that is more commonly thought of when one uses that term.  Think of "Rat Pack" era American suits, where the cloth has a bit of a sheen due to its 2 thread color weave.  These cloths are a wool/silk blend and have more surface sheen than the cloths I've normally offered.  Despite the sharkskin nomenclature, these choices will still be completely appropriate for those wishing to wear it to work or for interviews as they are NOT metallic and will not have the high reflective property.  Their sheen is subtle and gives the suit a more sophisticated appearance. Prices on the sharkskin are just slightly higher due to the fabric cost, but not much more than the normal cloth selection I offer.  Available in a limited amount and restockability is always uncertain.

-Petrol Blue.   A great greyish blue color for those looking for a different shade of blue and don't want to go traditional navy.  

-Blue-Grey.  A really awesome shade of light grey with a very distinct blue tint to it.  It's hard to say if the color is a greyish blue or a blue-ish grey.  I think half the people who are asked will think it's more grey, the other half will think it's more powder blue.  An amazing shade, and has that vintage early 60s feel that we love at Thick as Thieves.  A great alternative for those looking for a light grey shade suit.

-Medium Grey.  Very nice warm toned medium grey, leaning towards lighter grey.  This is a classic grey color for those who are looking for that perfect lighter-shade. This is a very versatile color as it can be worn with any colors and look appropriate.