Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 - Nailheads

8oz lightweight fabrics with a classic nailhead/birdseye pattern in the weave.  These fabrics make great workhorse all season suits.

Available in Charcoal, Medium Grey, Navy, and Brown (a very nice shade with a grey caste, not "chocolate" at all, one of the best brown shades I've seen so far)

Super 120, Made in England.

Spring/Summer 2010 - Kid Mohair

8oz lightweight fabric in Kid Mohair/Wool blend.  These fabrics have a very slight sheen to the finish, not too much like sharkskin, but not as matte as normal worsted wool.  The navy and black colors have a very smooth weave with no visual surface texture.  The 3 greys have more visual surface texture, making then look like they have less sheen then the navy and black versions.  A good fabric choice for all season work environment suits.

Super 120, Made in Italy.

Available in Navy, Black, Dark Grey, Med Grey and Light Grey

Spring/Summer 2010 - Pinstripes

First time pinstripes have been on official offer.  8oz lightweight wool, made in Italy.  These are not typical banker pinstripes and make a great alternative to solid suits without looking too "finance worker".

Each fabric has stripes spaced just over .5" from each other.  Click on the fabric image to see description of the pinstripe color.

Super 120, Made in Italy.

Spring/Summer 2010 - New Windowchecks

8oz lightweight Super 150 wool/cashmere mix, made in Italy. 

These are 3 shades of the same type of windowcheck pattern.  It is a mix of Houndstooth pattern and a 2 color window overcheck.  Very snazzy and would make great separates, or a full suit for the bold and worthy!

-Navy shade has a burgundy and light blue overcheck on top of a blue/navy houndstooth base pattern

-Brown shade has a blue and tan overcheck on top of a brown/tan houndstooth base pattern

-Grey shade has a blue and tan overcheck on top of a blac/grey houndstooth base pattern